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The GK One mobile app is a digital convenient, secure all-in-one access point to the Grace Kennedy financial suite of products.

Download the app for free from the Google Play Store.

The GK One mobile app provides you with a digital avenue to send remittances, receive
remittances and pay bills.

No, we’ve made the GK One mobile app available to you for FREE. No need to worry about data charges or Wi-Fi access.

Your GK One wallet is linked to your pre-paid card. However, they differ in that the pre-paid card is a physical card that can be used primarily to carry out manual transactions such as withdrawing cash from an ATM and conducting POS transactions. The GK One wallet, is a virtual card that is used to carry out online transactions related to GK One financial services, that is, sending and receiving remittances and making bill payments via BillExpress.

You can acquire a GK One Wallet by downloading the GK One Mobile App from the Google Play Store then registering for the Wallet by completing KYC requirements outlined in the app.

Sign up for your free GK ONE prepaid VISA Card by downloading the GK One mobile app from the Google Play Store.

Currently, only by way of receiving a WU remittance.

You can use your GK One wallet to make bill payments via BillExpress, receive and send remittances.

You can use your pre-paid card to; Withdraw funds from an ATM machine where VISA cards are accepted, make purchases at any POS machine where VISA cards are accepted and Shop online. You can also use your pre-paid card to make bill payments, send and receive remittances through the GK One app.

To expand your transaction limit, you will be required to upload a photo of your proof on income. This can take the form of;
A Job letter confirming salary / Pay Slip / Work ID / Audited accounts/Income Tax Return Form (S04) (if self-employed) / Financial Statement / Trade/Business license / Payment receipts (Services or goods sold) / Business documents e.g. Certificate of Registration/Incorporation / Service Contract / Sale/Rental Agreement / Sale/rental receipts / Letter from lawyer / Letter from Real Estate agent.

As an added layer of protection for your account, we’ll use this information to build your customer profile with us. This way if we spot an unusual transaction we can alert you quickly and help you to protect your money.

When registering, each customer is required to complete the KYC process, that
information will be used to verify your identity.

There is a feature in the GK One app that will guide you through resetting your
password. You can initiate this action by clicking the ‘forget password’ option.

Contact the customer service center at (876)-733-7722 or visit the location you had your card pinned.


Download the app from the Google Play Store and keep track of your money with ease.

Get the GK One App Today

Download the GK ONE Mobile app and keep track of your money with ease.

Get Your GK ONE Card Too!

Download the app today to sign up for your GK One Prepaid Card and see how wonderful the world of cashless can be.

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